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    Lawn Maintenance & Cleanup :

  • Winterize your irrigation system and prevent damage from freezing. Drain the system and insulate your backflow device to help prevent damage during the winter months.
  • Cut lawns back to 1.5" - 2" in height over the winter months.

    Garden Maintenance & Cleanup :

  • Prevent erosion and soil compaction from rain by placing mulch in your flower beds. You can create your own mulch from composted leaves and yard debris.
  • Bring potted plants in out of the cold by placing them near the home or overhang of the shed.
  • Now is a great time to begin laying down snail and slug bait. A dry spell followings rains is ideal. By doing preventative maintenance now, you will get a leg up in the battle next spring.
  • Most roses can now be trimmed to about knee high, helping protect them from winter wind damage.
  • Want to add some character to your property? The fall months are wonderful time to plant trees and shrubs, giving them the opportunity to winter over and come in strong next spring.

    Equipment :

  • Service and clean your garden equipment and tools by cleaning off debris and clippings
  • Reduce the amount of fuel you have for your power equipment. Fuel does not keep wll and with a reduction in yard maintenance, we tend to let it sit a little longer than what is ideal.
  • Lightly oil any metal parts.
  • Sharpen blades in preparation for spring use.
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