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Helpful Tips for Your Landscape


Lawn Maintenance & Cleanup :

  • Begin looking for a dry day to get out and mow your lawn.
  • Testing your soil is a great way to get ready for the up and coming growing season. The data collected from a soil test can tell you what nutrients you may or may not need to add to your lawn this spring. You can begin correcting Ph levels now, giving your lawn the edge it needs to properly absorb nutrients, helping it fight off disease and damage.


Garden Maintenance & Cleanup :

  • Prune shrub and tea roses late this month
  • Prune fruit trees & blueberries
  • Prune clematis and deciduous vines. If your vine flowers in spring, wait until after spring bloom to do your pruning.
  • Repair winter damage to trees and shrubs. Prune off damaged limbs at an angle to encourage water runoff and prevent disease.
  • Prune and train grape. Check with your local nursery or extension service for more information on how to prune your specific variety of grape.
  • Prune deciduous summer blooming shrubs. If your shrubs will bloom this spring, wait until after spring bloom.


Equipment :

  • Now is a great time to tune up and repair lawn mowers and other equipment. Change your oil, check or replace spark plugs, tighten or replace mower wheels. It is also a great idea to have an extra lawn mower blade on hand. That way you can easily switch out the blade for a great looking cut that also prevents grass blade damage.

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