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Lawn Maintenance & Cleanup :

  • On those frosty days, prevent damage to your lawn by reducing foot traffic.
  • Now is a great time to test the PH in your soil. If needed, apply lime, giving you adequate time for correction before the coming spring season.
  • Crane flies can be a huge annoyance and extremely damaging to your lawn. Begin treating your lawn now and reduce damage in the up coming season.
  • Check the nooks and crannies of your lawn for stray leaves that may need to be cleaned up. Acidic leaves, like oak, will quickly kill turf grass.


Garden Maintenance & Cleanup :

  • On the off chance we see snow in the valley this year, be prepared to go out and remove snow from some of your plants. This quick and easy task could save some of your shrubs and trees from severe damage.
  • Trim Japanese maples to obtain proper shape and open them up for ventilation.
  • If you did not trim back your grape vines in the fall, now is the time to liberally prune them in preparation for the coming spring growth.
  • Get a jump on slugs and snails by protecting your early blooming plants. An easy home remedy is to place small saucers, filled with beer, around your garden. Snails and slugs are attracted to this clever little trap.
  • Do you have plants under eaves or other areas sheltered from the rain? Make sure you occasionally apply water to those areas over the winter months.


Equipment :

  • Clean your pruners and other small garden tools with alcohol.
  • If you have not sharpened your lawn mower blades, now is a great time to make preparation for spring use.
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